5 Plastic-Free party supplies and decorations for a toddler birthday

5 Plastic-Free party supplies and decorations for a toddler birthday

When I first started putting together my soon-to-be three year old’s birthday party, we picked a theme and I turned straight to amazon for ideas about decorations and party favors. I had been to three recent birthday parties that had themes, beautiful cakes and party favors and three seems about the age where kids start appreciating that stuff (although definitely not asking for it, so you can probably hold off another year or longer).

But a few clicks later my cart was full and I hesitated for a minute - this is just a bunch of plastic junk. So I went back through and removed anything I wouldn’t want in a party favor bag as a parent, and then challenged myself to do one better and take a look at the decorations too - what could I upgrade, skip, or reuse? See below ten ideas for plastic-free party supplies including decorations, serving items and party favors.

Paper Straws

Paper straws are showing up everywhere, so I was pleased to find ones on Amazon that fit our dinosaur theme! These are inexpensive, look cute on a serving table and each kid can use one, adding to their experience of the theme.

Reusable Happy Birthday Banner

We chose a banner that was burlap and could be reused every year. It simply says “Happy Birthday Bobby” - not every single item has to be “on theme” and it’s great to have some items that can be easily stored and reused. I found a great one on etsy!

Cardstock Table Decorations

These table decorations are made of sturdy cardstock, intended to last more than one party. They can be reused at another party, given to the birthday boy as a souvenir for his room or passed on to a friend. Plus, when they do inevitably end up in the trash, they don’t contain any plastic.

Photo “Booth” Props

These cardstock and wood photo booth props are reusable, don’t contain plastic and serve as both an activity and a keepsake for after the party - lots of fun themed pictures!

Temporary Tattoos

These are low waste, fun and can serve as an activity for the party or an inexpensive party favor to take home to continue the fun. Temporary tattoos are usually a big hit with kids and they come to match pretty much any theme now!

Bonus: Tablecloths and Dishes

Depending on your theme, you may already have or want to get a cloth tablecloth that is “on theme”. I’m not talking about a sheet of plastic covered in dinosaurs for a dinosaur party, of course. For our dinosaur party, I got a very-on-trend palm leaf on white tablecloth that I know we’ll use again for garden parties and creates the “tropical forest” type feel that is a great backdrop for dinosaurs. It also creates a classier feel for the grown ups in attendance.

And of course, we use as many of our own serving dishes and plates as we can to keep any paper or plastic usage to a minimum for food. Finger foods reduces the need for dishes dramatically - a few nice serving dishes is all you’ll need and either some cloth or paper napkins.

What are other non-plastic party supplies you’ve used to make a party festive?

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