Daily Schedule for a Toddler with Two Working Parents

Daily Schedule for a Toddler with Two Working Parents

One thing I remember reading a lot about when I was pregnant with my son and on maternity leave (when I raced through a dozen books in just a few weeks to pass the hours spent nursing in the middle of the night…) was about schedules. However, not many people share schedules of toddlers or how they structure their workdays once the time of living hour-by-hour with a baby passes. So I thought I’d share what a “standard” day in our household looks like - granted this day only happens a couple days a week due to variable work schedules, but this is the basic structure on which our household routines are built.

6:30am - Wake up! I don’t need an alarm any more because our one year old goldendoodle puppy plays this role now in my life, and very efficiently. I head downstairs first thing to let her out and make my first cup of coffee of the day. We sprang for a fancy espresso machine about a year ago and it’s been totally worth it. I usually make myself an oat milk latte while she goes outside and I wake up, check email and read the front page of the newspaper and ease into my day.

7:00am - Take the dog for a walk - we have a beautiful park where she can go off leash, play with other dogs and we can get a hike in right on our street. When I take the time to do the full hike, this is the best way to start my day.

7:30am - Home, shower, get ready for work

8:00am - Head to the train, usually while our son is still sleeping - or if I’m lucky, I get to say good morning before I head off to work.

8:30am - Our au pair gets our son up, dressed and fed breakfast before his morning activity.

9:00-Noon - Our 2 year old goes to a drop-off activity three days a week - usually a neighborhood playgroup with the other two year olds. The other two days, he has play dates with our best friends kids - they go to the library, the playground, play in our playroom or head out for a hike or to a nearby lake.

12:30 - Bobby and our au pair come home to our house for lunch or if they are at one of our good friends houses, they’ll have lunch there (they know our son’s dietary restrictions well).

2:30pm - Home for afternoon nap

5:30pm - Up from afternoon nap (our son is a big sleeper!)

6:00pm - One of us is home from work - time for a snack and to do an activity - playing in the backyard, walking to the local baseball field or playground, or just playing in the playroom.

7:00pm - Dinner for our toddler. We sit with him and have a snack while he eats, but we wait to have an “adult dinner” after he goes to bed. It’s our time to connect, watch Netflix, maybe even have a glass of wine.

8:00pm - Bedtime routine starts - we only do bath a couple days a week because of our son’s eczema. Usually bedtime routine involves lotion, changing into pj’s, a book (or two) and tucking into bed.

8:30pm - Lights out - whoever is not on bedtime duty is usually downstairs cooking dinner.

9:00pm - Adult dinner time!

10:00pm - And everyone’s asleep.

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